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Nancy believes in challenging the status quo in everything relating to home buying and selling – listening to her clients and thinking differently. She works tirelessly to understand her clients’ objectives and develop a personalized strategic plan to achieve your goals – not just to move inventory and gain a commission. Infused in her core values and approach is the principle that the home is where one lives, not merely exists; the center of the community, and the foundation of positive and healthy living.


Nancy also recognizes that buying or selling a home, particularly if it is the first time, is complex, pressure-filled, and opaque. As a student of Yoga, she provides a harbor in that tempest – infusing elements of peace, pace and calm in an otherwise tumultuous process. Nancy works tirelessly to anticipate your needs and deliver true and actionable knowledge (not just merely data or information) to optimize your home-buying decisions.


Born and raised in San Francisco, Nancy has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that has transformed the city into one of the most sought-after places to live. Her deep and organic knowledge of San Francisco – from lifestyle to nightlife, schools to shops, and properties on and off the market- will provide you with an advantage in your home sales journey.

Nancy Yeh San Francisco Realtor

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"Rebecca and I met Nancy when she was hosting one of the open houses in San Francisco and we were instantly impressed by her. Nancy sounded extremely knowledgeable, competitive and personable and we connected immediately. We had no doubt in our minds that she was the agent for us and we started our house hunting project with her. Nancy is very honest, sharp, always available and has the best instincts. The biggest quality about Nancy was that she is down to earth and accommodating. Nancy helps a lot of people and for her to be always there for us says a lot about her commitment towards us. She is very organized and explains everything very clearly. She helped us ask all the right questions and made sure we were paying attention to the right things. Her proactive nature, her industriousness and hard work is the main reason for our success. I would recommend Nancy to all my friends without a shadow of doubt."

- Anand and Rebecca 


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